International project

Hope of Africa has been working in Sierra Leone to provide medical supplies to rural clinics in Sierra Leone. In the past couple of years, we have donated eye glasses to communities,churches and students whose parents cannot afford to buy eye glasses.

This year, we have donated pallets of PPE to help contain Ebola Virus Outbreak. We also strive to continue to provide food supplies to families who have been affected throughout the Ebola Virus Outbreak. According to the World Health Organization, with transmission described as high in Sierra Leone, nearly 40% of cases in the country were identified in the three weeks preceding and more than 560 people have died in Sierra Leone.

As an effort to raise awareness and education to help eradicate Ebola Virus Outbreak, Hope of Africa will host a charity event that will include medical panel, to discuss the history of Ebola, challenges healthcare workers face in Sierra Leone, and how the virus can be contained.

In the coming years, Hope of Africa intends to implement a well equipped community clinic to provide residents living in the rural area access to medical care.