Hope of Africa is an organization that believes that education is the key to the development in Africa. Educational standards are improving in many parts of Africa with political, economic and social development. However some countries in West Africa such as Sierra Leone are not sharing in this development and growth.

The current literacy and educational standards in Sierra Leone is poor but not hopeless. Illiteracy rates in Sierra Leone are very high especially among women and children. In most countries in Africa, government mandates education for all elementary school aged children, however, many families cannot afford to send their children to school as a result, many children are forced to drop out of school and engaged in child’s labor. The people of Sierra Leone are incredibly bright and talented. However, years of civil war and unrest has destabilized the country’s fragile educational system. Current peace and development in the country can only be preserved through education and economic development.

Poor literacy and education perpetuates the cycle of poverty and social instability. As a regard, Hope of Africa has taken the initiatives to provide financial assistance to young aspiring students who wish to further their education. Scholarships would allow children to go to school beyond basic elementary school provided by the government. Hope of Africa intends to form a scholarship grant that would review and grant scholarships to deserving students. Our aim is to raise some funds to begin awarding scholarships to students and also promoting education.