Health Care

Sierra Leone has a population of 5.3 millions residents in the country and 32 medical personnel presently practicing in the country (Ministry of Health and Sanitation, 2008). With a peak number of population and less number of medical professionals the citizen of Sierra Leone will encounter a lot of medical malpractice, limited patient’s interaction due to shortage of medical staffs and lack of infrastructure in the health care systems. For instance, infant mortality rate in Sierra Leone is considered to be the acme among developing countries.

The rate of infant mortality in Sierra Leone is 159 per 1000 live birth. This means high percentages of babies are not likely to celebrate their second birthday.

In Ghana, one in forty-eight women are dying during childbirth (Ministry of Health, Accra, 2004) . Lack of infrastructure and inadequate funding for health care are the leading major factors that attribute to these statistics. Hope of Africa plans to implement and utilize mobile health clinics in rural and inner-city areas of West African region. Our target goal is to make sure that the underprivileged have access to affordable health care.

Hope of Africa will focus on areas of preventive diseases. These areas will include, but not limited to providing free prenatal and postnatal care to expectant mothers to be, provide free mosquito nets to mothers of new born babies, educate teenagers about protecting themselves against widespread infectious disease such as HIV, AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc.

Our organization will work closely with the Ministry of Health office, Ministry of Environment department, community leaders, religious leaders and other non- governmental organization to promote health awareness and eradicate diseases that are considered to be an epidemic in our environments. Hope of Africa’s mission will be carried on throughout West Africa countries that might have an urgent need of assistance.